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Welcome to the Proto Innovation online workshop and courses site. Here you’ll be able to navigate and enrol into short form and long form courses designed to help you achieve your business outcomes. All our courses are designed with practical activities that enable you to work towards your objectives while engaging in our learning program. Paid courses and modules provide you with 1 month access to email support, where one of our coaches will help you implement the concepts taught in our modules into your business.

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Entrepreneurial Marketing

Whether you are building or launching a startup (or business), entrepreneurial marketing is a key practice to ensure business owners and founders set their products on the path to success. This is a full length course, based on MBA level material, covering basic marketing principles plus specialised practices like pricing, product innovation and more.


Buyer Behaviour + COVID19 special

This short course covers the consumer and business buyer behaviour concepts. Understanding buyer behaviour is a fundamental skill. It enables you to grow your business through targeted product and market positioning, ensuring that you resonate with your potential customers and lead nurture them through the conversion funnel.


The Kano Model – Product Prioritisation

The Kano Model is a framework that can help you to identify valuable product features that resonate with your customers and differentiate you from competitors. This short course teaches you how you can leverage the Kano Model to prioritise the roll-out of product attributes and enhancements that strengthen your customer value proposition (CVP).